We provide 3 types of dog sitting here at A Fighting Chance

#1 is an " In Home Drop In": which is where one of our trustworthy sitters stop by your home, on your schedule, and check in on your little one. While they are at your home they will be responsible for make sure your dog has plenty of water, bringing them out for a quick potty break, administer any medication or fulfill any medical requirements they may have and possibly straightening up if ur lil trouble maker has been a little restless( round up toys, fix there bedding...that sort of thing). From start to finish there in and out in about 15-20 min. 

#2 " In Home Daycare/ Sitting": One of our sitters will stay with your pup in the comfort of there own home , to tend to them while you are away. Responsibilities include food and water, bath ( if necessary  ), quick 5-10 minute potty every 2 - 4 hrs or a 1 hr walk 4x daily( depending on there needs, age, breed and your preference) administer any medication or fulfill any medical requirements they might need, and to fill there physical exercise requirements they will have a blast during playtime ( tug-a-war, fetch,. ect ..), basic house training/ tricks advanced training ( optional), or socializing. 


#3 " Overnight In Home Sitting":

Pretty much the exact same thing as #2 except its overnight, so maybe not as much food n water or excerising as during the day and a little more zzz's. With them  being able to stay in there own home they will be very comfortable and well looked after.